🀝Validium Hybrids

Focusing on the trade-offs between security, scalability, and cost, this spectrum can be effectively represented in a chart format, which helps in understanding the different L2 systems, their underlying technology, the security guarantees they offer, and their associated costs.

Intermediate Options and Factors Influencing Choice

Intermediate Options:

  • Between Rollups and Validium: A Validium where onchain payment can force data provision or result in a data provider's lost deposit.

  • Between Plasma and Validiums: A system offering Plasma-level security for simpler applications and Validium-level for more complex ones.

Factors Influencing Choice:

  • Cost of Ethereum's Native Data Availability: This is expected to decrease over time with technological advancements like EIP-4844 and full danksharding.

  • Application's Own Needs: The balance between the impact of high fees and the consequences of application failures. Financial applications might prioritize security over cost, while games and social media might opt for lower costs due to the high volume and relatively low value of transactions.

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